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Corridor Transformation

Urban corridors in many communities have either been built with insufficient consideration for pedestrians and bicyclists, or have been damaged by street widening and auto-oriented commercial strip development.  These corridors cut communities in half more than they connect them together, and many underperform economically, environmentally and visually. The good news is that these corridors represent fertile veins of property throughout the city, available for change and well-located for future success based on their high visibility, traffic counts, and proximity to flanking neighborhoods. We help communities envision the possibilities for regenerating these places and recapturing their dormant value, with street designs that enable active transportation and transit and calm traffic, and mixed-use infill development strategies to bring much-needed workforce housing, neighborhood-serving commercial uses, and employment opportunities within walking distance of existing neighborhoods. We have led the preparation of vision plans and implementing codes for corridor revitalization projects throughout California, and in Texas, Florida and New York.