Moreno Valley Planning Commission and City Council support Nason Street Corridor Plan

At a special joint study session on October 29, David Sargent presented the Nason Street Corridor Plan to the Moreno Valley City Council and Planning Commission, who expressed their support for the town center, walkable neighborhood, and employment district concepts presented.  

The plan - prepared by the team of Raimi + Associates, Sargent Town Planning, and Fehr & Peers under a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments - envisions this major corridor as a "complete street" with high quality pedestrian and bicycle facilities and future enhanced transit, with a mixed-use new town center at Alessandro Street and walkable neighborhoods and employment districts connecting two major existing medical centers to the south.  Working with the Raimi/Sargent team and City staff over the past year - with two public workshops for input and discussion of alternatives - Sargent Town Planning prepared an urban framework plan for the 3-mile corridor and 2,500 acre planning area, including detailed illustrations and perspectives of corridor and town center design alternatives.