David Sargent

Senior Principal, Architect & Town Planner

David Sargent has practiced architecture and urban design for almost 40 years, for the past 25 focusing exclusively on planning and design for pedestrian-oriented and transit-oriented neighborhoods, districts, corridors, towns and cities. He has assembled and directed multidisciplinary teams for public and private clients and projects throughout the country, preparing plans ranging in size from multi-block urban infill projects to multi-neighborhood and town/city-wide master plans and general plans, ranging in scale and character from rural villages and small towns to major metropolitan districts and corridors.

David was an original member of the Congress for the New Urbanism in 1993, was the principal author of the first several form-based codes adopted by California municipalities between 1993 and 2003, and his his work has been recognized by numerous local, state, national and international awards. He is the company's president and principal-in-charge for each of our projects, always accessible to our clients, and personally engaged in the planning and design of every project we undertake.