Daniel Bezinovich

Daniel Bezinovich is an urban designer with over 5 years of planning experience in cities across the country.  With a background that includes work in economic development, zoning, bike, pedestrian, park, and neighborhood planning, Daniel brings a diverse and versatile skill set to the firm's work. He is proactive in applying this experience to help communities establish sustainable plans and design guidelines for development and has done so at a variety of scales, with a focus on the strong relationship between land use and active transportation infrastructure. He has contributed to planning efforts for municipal bikeway and pedestrian plans and transit-related projects, including as Chicago’s public bike share system, and to neighborhood plans in Claremont, Indio, Rancho Cucamonga, as well as Birmingham, AL, Mobile, AL, and Brownsville, TX.  His zoning code experience includes work on standards for Downtown Oxnard, Burbank and Fontana, the Riverfront corridor of Pittsburgh, PA, and a variety of form-based and traditional zoning projects in Tennessee and Louisiana.