Pershing Square Building at Pershing Square Station
Downtown Ventura in 2010

Sargent Town Planning is an urban planning consulting firm focused on building sustainable pedestrian- and transit-oriented neighborhoods, districts, corridors, towns and cities. Founded by David Sargent in Ventura, California in 1995 and reestablished in Los Angeles in 2009, the firm provides a full range of urban planning and design services to public and private clients. Mr. Sargent is the firm’s president and managing principal and has been practicing architecture and urban design for 30 years, for the past 20 focusing exclusively on sustainable urbanism.

The firm’s work integrates human-scale, public space networks, multi-modal transportation systems and civic amenities with residential, commercial and mixed-use development to form complete, coherent and walkable communities. Much of the firm's work is based on analysis of America's best  towns and cities, and the adaptation of timeless and regionally derived design elements to modern real estate development.

The firm’s design process is typically centered around public workshops and design charrettes in which the client, consultant team, municipal officials, neighbors and stakeholders, and the general public collaborate in the planning and design of the project at hand. Beginning with rigorous analysis of the planning area and its physical, economic and political context, the firm facilitates a sustained public conversation through which a vision for the future of the place is developed iteratively and documented in the form of a clear. well illustrated vision plan supported by technical analysis and implementation strategies.

That vision is then “reverse engineered” into a systematic sequence of implementation actions, standards, guidelines and procedures. These include regulating (zoning) plans, public realm standards for street networks and other public improvements, and form-based development codes that guide the placement, configuration, scale, and use of buildings to ensure a harmonious, locally calibrated, and sustainable environment. Sample building plans, elevations, perspectives and three-dimensional massing models are prepared to illustrate the intentions of the plan, and to demonstrate the feasibility of the regulations and design guidelines. The firm also offers advanced conceptual design of individual buildings, public improvement design and coordination, development design review, and other implementation services to help clients deliver the envisioned quality as development occurs.

For each project, Sargent Town Planning assembles a team of professionals tailored to meet the client’s requirements, including in-house specialists and consulting professionals. Teams typically include architects, planners, landscape architects, civil and transportation engineers, and urban economists, and may include environmental consultants and others as required. For project charrettes, all team members are assembled on the site for a period of up to ten days to collaboratively and efficiently produce and test the design.

The firm’s current and recent projects range in size from neighborhood additions to entire cities, and in scale and character from rural communities and village scale downtowns to transit-oriented development in metropolitan districts and urban corridors. Current projects include downtown revitalization plans, greenfield neighborhoods for town expansion, brownfield infill districts, transit-oriented corridor transformation plans and form-based codes.

The firm is based in a recently restored 1924 office building on Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles across the street from a Red Line subway station, with branch offices in downtown Berkeley, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico.


David Sargent - Principal
David Sargent has practiced architecture and urban planning for over 30 years, for the past 20 focusing exclusively on the planning and design of pedestrian-oriented and transit-oriented neighborhoods, districts, corridors, towns and cities. He has assembled and directed multidisciplinary teams for public and private clients throughout the country, for projects ranging in size from infill projects to multiple neighborhood master plans and entire towns, and ranging in scale and character from rural hamlets and small towns to major metropolitan districts and corridors. David is the principal-in-charge for each of our projects, always accessible to our clients and personally directing the planning and design.
Juan Gomez-Novy - Urban Planner | Designer
Juan Gomez-Novy is an urban planner and designer with 15 years’ experience managing complex urban projects and large teams for public and private clients. His project experience includes downtown and corridor revitalization plans, transit-oriented development and urban infill of many types, greenfield neighborhood development, form-based development codes, and plans for civic and institutional facilities. Juan serves as project manager for most of the firm's larger urban projects.
Peter VanderWal - Urban Planner | Designer
Peter VanderWal is an urban designer and planner with 7 years experience designing and managing pedestrian-oriented, transit-oriented, mixed-use urban projects at a wide range of scales in California and Texas. His project experience includes downtown districts, corridor transformation, transit-oriented development, and neighborhoods of many types. Peter has been a designer and key team member in over 25 design Charrettes, produces graphics and illustrations for the firms work, and designs and produces many of the firm’s planning and regulatory documents. An experienced project manager, he coordinates much of the firm's design work and document production with that of our sub-consultants and collaborators, and with clients.
David Day - Urban | Architectural Designer
David Day is senior architect and urban designer with almost 30 years of experience creating regionally rooted pedestrian-oriented places and buildings of all types. Guided by the sustainable design principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism, David has practiced urban and architectural design, both solo and on large multi-disciplinary teams, for projects ranging in scale from individual buildings to master plans for urban districts and regions. Davids experience spans the country with a strong focus on the West. He is based in Albuquerque - with his own firm of Terra Designs, LLC - and is our frequent collaborator on urban and architectural design assignments of many types.
Tony Perez - Senior Planner | Form-Based Code Specialist
Tony Perez is a has worked as an urban planner in the public and private sector for the past 25 years, and is a national leader in the practice of form-based development codes for urban neighborhoods, districts and corridors. In February of 2013 Tony accepted the position of Director of Form-Based Codes for Berkeley-based Opticos Design. He continues to collaborate with Sargent Town Planning on selected projects, splitting his time between his office in Camarillo, Opticos' office in Berkeley, and our office in Los Angeles. Tony and David Sargent have collaborated on projects that include downtown plans and corridor transformation projects village scale to metropolitan, as well as plans for new and regenerating neighborhoods. Separately and together Tony and David have been the principal or key authors of more than 30 form-based codes, over 20 of which have been adopted and are in daily use.

Mr. Sargent’s work has been recognized with a number of honors and awards including:

Phototransformation of historic building and new lofts
APA Grassroots Award and Award of Merit, 2011
International Boulevard T.O.D. Plan Oakland, California

Northern California APA Section and California State APA, respectively

The American Planning Association has recognized the City of Oakland's  International Boulevard Transit-Oriented Development Plan with two awards.  The Grassroots award reflects the interactive, community-based process that informed the Plan, which has subsequently been instrumental in the City's receiving a $1,000,000 Sustainable Communities grant funded by Proposition 84 revenues. The Plan was the result of the successful collaboration of planning lead Raimi + Associates, urban design lead Sargent Town Planning, public engagement lead Transform, the City of Oakland, and the residents of the neighborhoods all along this six mile stretch of International Boulevard.

4 to 6 story mixed-use buildings on Broadway, with two-story gallery frontages to enhance street life and provide great seating for watching the parades that run down this historic corridor
Charter Award, 2009
River North District Master Plan San Antonio, Texas

Congress for the New Urbanism

Mr. Sargent was the project director and principal writer of the River North District Master Plan while a senior associate with Moule & Polyzoides.

Gateway Plan & Design Standards
Award of Excellence for Outstanding Planning, 2009
Gateway Plan & Design Standards Paso Robles, California

American Planning Association, California Chapter, Central Coast Section

Mr. Sargent led the preparation of a vision plan and design standards for the “gateways” to Paso Robles, including rural both rural and freeway approaches.  The work was initiated while he was Town Planning Principal with HDR and completed while a senior associate with Moule & Polyzoides.

The regulating plan calibrates the scale of infill development, with special overlays reducing allowed heights next to historic neighborhoods or requiring "retail ready" frontages at future transit nodes.
Driehaus Form-Based Code Award, 2008
Ventura Midtown Corridors Code Ventura, California

Form-Based Codes Institute

A longtime resident of Ventura, Mr. Sargent was HDR’s principal in charge of preparing this form-based code for the city's two principal Downtown/Midtown corridors: Main Street and Thompson Boulevard, the historic Highway 101.

River Park Specific Plan
Gold Nugget Award, Best Town Plan over 200 Acres, 2001
River Park Specific Plan Oxnard, California

Pacific Coast Builders Conference

Sargent Town Planning, in collaboration with AC Martin Partners and RTKL, designed this master planned community, now partially built. Mr. Sargent led the neighborhood planning and public realm design for the predominantly residential areas of the plan.